Club Description

The Gainesville Table Tennis Community is a non-profit club dedicated to promoting Table Tennis within Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding areas. We have over 200 members and are open to the general public. Our members are men and woman of all ages and skill levels. Everyone is welcome, although people with a good attitude and stamina are ideal. Parent or guardian supervision is required for children. If you are interested in participating, join the Gainesville Table Tennis Community Facebook group or contact Mario at 352-665-GTTC (4882).


Admission is $5 per visit or $15 monthly for single adults. Discounted rates are available for monthly and annual subscriptions: college student or seniors (65+) at $10; family plans at $25; and children under 18 or veterans at $5. First-time guests play free. We accept the following payment options for membership fees: 1) Paypal: DRGTTC 2) Venmo: PayGTTCfee, 3) Cash App: PayGTTCfee 4) Zelle: 352-665-4882. To initiate Bill Pay or Direct Deposit, contact Diana, Hai Quan, or Jonathan Li during practice and they will provide instructions.


 Playing Locations
Facility Name: Westside Recreation Center

Days: Monday and Wednesday 6-8 PM

Address: 1001 NW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32605

Facility Name: Tower Hill Insurance

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 PM, Saturdays 12-5 PM

Sundays from 12-5 PM 

Address: 7201 NW 11th Pl, Gainesville, FL 32605

Facility Information

We meet at two locations: 1) Westside Recreation Center on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and 2) Tower Hill Insurance (THI) on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 PM, and Sunday from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. THI has two entrances; use the second entrance that does not have a gate (the second entrance). Westside has four tables while THI has nine tables. Some equipment is provided but bringing your own is strongly recommended due to limited availability. Westside is closed on New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Call the Westside facility staff at (352) 334-2186 to confirm hours of operation.

General Club Rules

Choosing Tables. The next person on the waiting list may challenge anyone. If the first person in line declines a challenge or is away, then they keep their place and the next person goes.

Match Format. Matches are either best of three 11-point games at West Side Recreation Center or 15 minutes practicing.  Matches are best of five 11-point games at Tower Hill Insurance or 20 minutes practicing.


Practice. Limit the warm-up to five minutes before a match when people are waiting.

Click here for Full Club Rules

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