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David Hou​​

David Hou owns New Dash Tennis, a local Tennis Store based at the 300 Club and Jonesville Tennis Center. He is a Butterfly product dealer, tennis coach, USTA member, Santa Fe College student, and entrepreneur. As a serious enthusiast and USATT member, his goal is to grow the Table Tennis Community in Gainesville. David kindly donated a Kettler Ping Pong Table that was once used for New Dash Table Tennis Tournaments and our group's only table.

Eddie Gilley

Eddie Gilley is the Baptist Collegiate Ministries director and a writer for He was the Senior Associate Pastor at Westside Baptist Church, USF BCM Director for the Florida Baptist Convention, and chaplain for the UF Softball and baseball teams. We extend a special thanks to Eddie for helping us promote Table Tennis by allowing us to use BCM's facility.

​Chuck Adams

Chuck Adams is a professor and the Marine Economics Specialist for the Florida Sea Grant Program at the University of Florida. Chuck is also a Task Force member for the Gulf States marine Fisheries Commission and the Gulf-region Sea Grant representative for the Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition. Chuck held many fond memories of family competitions with his Ping Pong Table, which was in many ways as an old friend to him, but he was so generous as to part ways to support our cause.

Honorable Mentions

We would also like to acknowledge Ryan Burton for helping us transport the Ping Pong tables to BCM; Chuck Peek for contributing Table Tennis nets, cardboard barriers, and equipment; Victor Marik for engineering a digital wait list and donating his personal laptop; Mike Duke for serving as a liaison with the City of Gainesville; along with all the club members who have contributed to our cause.

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