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I. Basic Provisions

1. These rules specify the principles of behavior of users of the table tennis room (hereinafter referred to as the "Club"), their rights and obligations.

2. Operating regulations shall apply to all users of the Club and its accessories, and these are obliged to comply with it. For persons younger than 15 years are in this context fully responsible coach, trainer or their parents.

3. Entering the space Club members declare their agreement to comply with this operating system

4. Violation of this production order is the reason for the prohibition on entry.

II. Operating Principles

1. Lighting the Club turns on and off as needed, the member after their usage.

2. Opening windows for ventilation by a member to the tennis as needed, before leaving the Club is closed again.

3. All users are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the Club.

4. Any damage to equipment, Club and exercise equipment, members are required to report to the event coordinator.

5. In case of damage or loss of inventory or equipment, Club, the member is obliged to pay for the damage caused.

6. It is not allowed to transfer inventory or equipment Club outside the table tennis room.

7. All club equipment must be returned to the storage facility after practice.

Ill. Safety and health policy, use of the Club

1. All members of the Club they behave disciplined and ensure that safety rules during exercise, so as to ensure their health or the health of other persons.

2. Attend a Club, only individuals should be in good health.

3. The Club is a ban of entry under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, in case of problems will be promptly called the police.

4. In the Club is prohibited to smoking and the consumption of alcohol and narcotics.

5. The Club is the ban on the entry of dogs and other animals, unless they are service animals.

6. In the Club is to prohibit parking of bicycles or baby strollers.

7. Users of the Club is available social facilities-WC, wash basins.

8. In the case of an accident or other threats to health, it is possible to use the phone on the reception.

9. First-aid kit is housed in a reception area and its use should always be entered in the journal for that purpose.

iV. Final provisions

1. All members of the Club are required to familiarize themselves with the operational regulations and ensure its observance.

2. The operator of a building has the right to monitor compliance with the rules of operation, which are listed in this procedure and draw from them the appropriate measures.

3. Non-compliance with the operating procedure will result in a report of the user from the Club.

4. This operating procedure shall enter into force on 1.1.2016.

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