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1) Admission Fees. Membership dues are $2 per visit or $15 monthly. Fees may be paid by cash or check during practice and debit, credit, bank transfer or Paypal through the web portal.


2) Choosing a table to play and waiting for a match.

a. When there are open tables you may pick any table.
b. If all tables are taken, players must wait for their turn by adding their name on the waiting list.
c. The waiting order is established in chronological order. If an arriving player has not played, then they will take precedence on the list.

d. No player may wait or play on two tables simultaneously. On days with free tables, a player may wait on one table and warm up on another.
f. Waiting players may skip their turn while remaining in line. In these cases, the next person in line can play.

3)  Match Format.  At Westside, a match shall be best of three 11-point games or a single game to 21 points. At Tower Hill Insurance (THI) a match shall be best of five 11-point games unless otherwise stated by the club manager.

4) Taking Turns. The next player in line chooses their opponent regardless of the winner.

5)  Practice. At Westside, two players get the right to play a match according to these rules, they can choose to practice for up to 15 minutes instead. At THI, two players can practice for up to 20 minutes instead.

6) Warm Up. When people are waiting at the table, the players are expected to warm up only a few minutes, but no more than 5 minutes before start the match.

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