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1) Renewals. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the beginning of each cycle. Recurring or manual payment options are available. 


2) Prorating. Monthly Subscriptions are prorated from the first of every month. Annual Subscriptions are prorated from January 1st.

3) Cancelling. Memberships may be renewed and cancelled at anytime through the Membership Level Change section on Member Planet. Accounts with balances past due exceeding seven days are automatically downgraded to Daily Passes.

4) Availability. Dues are dependent upon the availability of the Club’s facilities. Repairs, maintenance, safety or special events may require the restriction of use or closing of various areas periodically. Dues will be reduced or suspended during the time when such facilities are not available.

5. Refunds. Dues may be prepaid. Pro-rated refunds for dues are available in the event membership is terminated as set forth herein and dues were paid in advance for any period after the date of termination.

6) Adjustments. Monthly dues are subject to change at the discretion of the Club management. Members will be given written or verbal notification prior to any changes in dues. If a member has prepaid dues prior to this change, the member will be responsible for the difference in dues.


7) Exclusivity. Membership privileges may not be loaned under any circumstance.

8 Compliance. The Club management reserves the right at any time to suspend or terminate the membership status of any member for failure to comply with Club rules and regulations, nonpayment of dues or fees, or any conduct determined to be improper or detrimental to the Club or its members. In the event of suspension, the members will not be responsible for dues.

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